Apologies to everyone for the lack of RIMtelligence blog traffic over the last few weeks.

The need for quality, family holiday time, superseded my weekly and ever scintillating blog writing. Even with all of the various restrictions, the holiday was absolutely fantastic, (in spite of my breaking one toe on each foot the day before travel), especially as self-isolation was not compulsory upon our return.

My arrival home, at 03.35 Sunday morning, was immediately followed by attendance at the 2020 annual #RAPSConvergence. I have to say, the virtual approach to this years conference created a very different atmosphere for session participation, solution provider engagement and overall networking opportunities. I would be interested in reader opinions, both positive and negative of the RAPS affair.

Virtual webinars are proliferating at an amazing rate. Please join me on Wednesday 30th September for an informative 60 minutes: https://lnkd.in/dk4Pp9P

During this webinar, I will discuss the less considered yet critical topic of how managing Global UDI data requirements directly impacts the multiple medical device industry stakeholders (manufacturers, healthcare providers, competent authorities and patients) and approaches considered across industry for organisational system implementation.  UDI compliance requires the right regulatory operational strategy to ensure an increase in efficiencies and at a lower cost. Our key objective is to enable those in senior decision making roles to make informed choices as to which methods best suits internal regulatory processes, product portfolio and market requirements.

Looking forward to your virtual participation.


K Young