Working from home during lockdown does have some advantages. During the past few weeks I have viewed or participated in a number of virtual discussion sessions and educational webinar presentations across different timezones. I do have to say that the quality of the content and level of professionalism has varied widely.

Every day, I receive numerous emails touting an opportunity to be enlightened by an expert, or even better a panel of experts, on all manner of topics associated with our regulated industry. Webinar and discussion group themes range from exceedingly targeted for a narrow segment of the regulatory affairs population to subjects affecting cross-function teams, product portfolios, regions, legislation and work environments. Determining which to watch is a bit like viewing your Amazon Prime catalogue, some offerings are free with your subscription whereas others require an additional one-time fee for limited access. Then there is the conundrum of the advertised title and synopsis not corresponding to the presented content. Sorting through the tidal wave of choice is almost a full-time effort.

Today it’s simple:

The link below (readily accessible via this blog) relates to MDR readiness of regulatory information data management for medical device manufacturers and economic operators.

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K Young