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Theranos Loophole Explained

Should increased scrutiny be applied to the oversight of laboratory developed tests?

Black Friday

Why is your regulatory data stored in regional silos? Why is there a requirement for inter-departmental data requests? Why does it take 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months to find what you are looking for? Why must the regulatory team triple check spreadsheets for data accuracy? Why are weekly registration update meetings scheduled throughout your …

Eye of the MDR Storm

The predictions of an apocalyptic melt down of the medical device industry has not (yet) come to fruition

Actor ID v SRN

The MDCG has issued additional guidance for registration of “other” actors in EUDAMED

Legacy Device Challenges

To date, no horsemen of the apocalypse or world annihilating meteor strike has befallen the medical device industry. However, the continued management of MDD legacy device data is an altogether different cataclysm.