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Electronic data management is your key to regulatory success. Let’s work together to ensure the evolution of our regulatory affairs profession.

MedTech Summit 2022

Just returned from an exciting, yet short (2 day) attendance at this year’s MedTech Summit held in Dublin on the Emerald Isle. So fantastic to meet old friends in person coupled with the networking opportunities to build and create new acquaintances. European Medical Device Regulations (Live Stream): Unfortunately,  I was only able to attend the …

Rogue Waves

Currently reading a novel in which the antagonists were utilising technology to create rogue waves on demand. Not a very good read, but I have found the science fascinating. Rogue waves are unusually large, unpredictable and suddenly appearing surface waves that occur where multiple physical variations cause waves to merge to create a single exceptionally …

Theranos Loophole Explained

Should increased scrutiny be applied to the oversight of laboratory developed tests?